• How Charlie Young Sees the Birthing Process

  • Posted on April 25, 2017
  • Over the past seven years, Charlie Rae Young has attended hundreds of births in her role as a doula, or midwife. It is her method for trying to fill a gap when it comes to the provision of natural childbirth services to families who would prefer that over the more traditional hospital birth experience, which these days includes a whole lot of medications, many of which she feels are completely unnecessary. Charlie Young believes that she is providing a necessary and vital service for those expectant families, especially the mothers, who are often made to feel marginalized when they choose to eschew current convention and opt to have the child more naturally.

    Charlie Young is graduate of the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery, Charlie Rae Young, LM, CPM, CLC is a Florida Licensed Midwife (MW276). She is well aware that hers is a small profession, but she is part of an even smaller subset of doulas who are openly willing to assist someone who wants to give birth at home. Actually, Charlie Young is but one of only two who provide this service in the area.

    Charlie Young She loves every aspect of what she does. For instance, she becomes excited when she sees children whose births she attended years later, when they are school age. She feels joy when she considers her role in that. She also enjoys seeing the doulas who were trained by Barefoot Birth spread the message. Some have strong practices that bring the best services to more family. She sees being a midwife as bringing families together in a way that is unique and precious. She appreciates her important role in the community and hopes to continue for many years.

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